Features of Adanium

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آدانیوم از طریق اتصال به پلتفرم‌های بانکداری‌باز امکان دسترسی به حساب‌های مشتریان در بانک‌های مختلف را فراهم می‌کند.

Features of Adanium

Adanium partner banks

Adanium provides access to customer accounts in different banks by connecting to open banking platforms.

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“Adanium” corporate mobile bank system is an easy-to-use application that relieves managers from the challenges of using multiple methods and applications by integrating all bank accounts of a company from various banks.

You can view the list of your company accounts in different banks based on your national code and access defined by the system operator or company manager. In this list, the balance of each account is also displayed to you, and you can sort them by company, account type, balance, number of payment orders waiting for signature, or in any order you like.

In the Adanium application, for each account that can be seen in the list of application accounts, you will be shown the option to view the bill, if there is access. You can filter the bill based on the type of transaction (deposit/withdrawal).

If the access to create a payment order has been given to you by the company manager, you can create a new payment order. Each payment order can have several destinations, each destination can be an internal account or a bank account number related to other banks. By entering any account or bank number, the name of the account holder is displayed by calling the relevant service from the bank. It is possible to create a combined payment order (normal and stable) and a payment order after creation, based on the default procedures defined for the account by the company manager, or based on specific procedures specified for this payment order at the time of creation, to be signed to The relevant managers will be sent.

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