“Adanium” corporate mobile bank system is an easy-to-use application that relieves managers from the challenges of using multiple methods and applications by integrating all bank accounts of a company from various banks.

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You can view the list of your company accounts in different banks based on your national code and access defined by the system operator or company manager. In this list, the balance of each account is also displayed to you, and you can sort them by company, account type, balance, number of payment orders waiting for signature, or in any order you like.

In the Adanium application, for each account that can be seen in the list of application accounts, you will be shown the option to view the bill, if there is access. You can filter the bill based on the type of transaction (deposit/withdrawal).

You can create a new payment order if the access to create a payment order has been given to you by the company manager. Each payment order can have several destinations, each destination can be an internal account or a bank account number related to other banks. By entering any account or bank number, the name of the account holder is displayed by calling the relevant service from the bank. It is possible to create a combined payment order (regular and stable) and a payment order after creation, based on the default procedures defined for the account by the company manager, or based on specific procedures specified for this payment order at the time of creation, to be signed by The relevant managers will be sent.

After creating the payment order, in the order mentioned in its formalities, the signatory managers will receive a notification to sign on their phone, by clicking on it, the payment order will be displayed, which will be done using the phone’s biometric sensor (fingerprint or face image). ) or authenticated user’s PIN, it is possible to sign it and after answering the signature request, it is sent to the next person.

After the signatures are completed, the payment order is ready for payment. A user who has this access can make the payment. After calling the money transfer service for each line, the status of each line is updated separately. In case of not receiving the answer of the definitive result of the operation of each line from the bank, the status of that line becomes uncertain and by pressing the retry button, the transaction status is inquired.

The finished payment order is displayed to the users who were present at the payment order ceremony and have the access to view that account. If you have create access, you can repeat the previous payment order and create a new payment order from it.

A person selected by the company as a manager can give or take away this access to other people on the company’s accounts through the Adanium web portal.

Through the Adanium web portal, the company manager can determine the default order of signatures by the signatories of each account. Every payment order will be sent as a notification to the signatory managers of the account after it is created in the order mentioned in these procedures.

You can choose the account number from this list when creating a payment order by defining your account number or your most frequently used nights in a list. It is also possible to automatically save the accounts in a payment order in this list

A user who has access to create a payment order can upload a batch of transactions Excel file according to the sample format through the Adanium web portal.

In order to define a new corporate account, the client must follow the steps of receiving API access to that account from the branch, and finally, the credentials provided by the branch (such as a digital signature file or user code) must be provided to him by the support operator for registration in the service layer settings. take The operator also sets the account withdrawal conditions according to the official gazette, after which the company manager can grant access to view and operate on the account to other users.